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Service-centered property solutions.

Our strategically located and meticulously maintained properties are highly sought after by clients who want a partner, not an unaffected, far-off rent-collecting firm. We provide hands-on support and offer value-added services to our clients through our sibling, 3PL company, Foster Logistics 


Customized Spaces

Our growing portfolio allows us to provide both designated and multi-tenant commercial and industrial space, which we can customize to meet your business’s unique needs. We’ve provided customized spaces for thousands of clients.  

 At Robinson Investments, we are committed to providing the right space solution that ultimately makes it easier for you to run your business.   


what our clients say

"We have been renting office space from Robinson Investments since 2021. The building and grounds are immaculate. Robinson’s Team of dedicated professionals have worked tirelessly to make a great space for my staff, our consumers, and the community. From moving in during COVID, to making accommodations to the building, to everyday operations our staff needs have been met and our consumers have found a building that is modern and welcoming. Thanks to our new office space and a hard-working staff we have been able to expand services that assist our community."

Cynthia L. Heffner, Esq. | Director of Logan County Job & Family Services

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