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We’re Ohio local through and through.

For almost 50 years, Robinson Investments has been a fixture in the Ohio corporate and industrial real estate market, providing our personalized, service-focused leasing options to businesses headquartered both within and outside the state.


As a family-owned and operated business, Robinson Investments is personally engaged with each of our clients. We understand that listening and responding to their needs with customized facility options and value-added services through Foster Logistics, our sibling, 3PL company, are the best ways to always exceed expectations. 

We’re not just invested in properties, we’re invested in building quality, long-term relationships. 



Environment, Health & Safety

We are committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for our staff, clients, partners, and subcontractors, and take our responsibility to manage all environmental aspects of our business seriously.  

We believe the way we treat our staff, clients, and neighbors reflects not only the work we do but also who we are—and that matters to us. Doing what is right is our only option, and that includes ensuring our people go home injury-free every single day.  


  • Visibly demonstrate a commitment to EHS by providing responsible leadership and clearly communicating expectations.

  • Assist and support employees in developing an awareness and understanding of the EHS issues related to their work. 

  • Identify, assess, and manage the EHS hazards and risks to which its employees are exposed. 

  • Minimize the environmental aspects and impacts associated with the services and products we provide. 

  • Comply with legislation, regulations, and appropriate industry standards. 

  • Monitor and enhance the EHS practices through inspections, audits, reviews, investigations, corrective actions, shared learning, review of best practices, and behavior-based processes. 

  • Share lessons learned and integrate best EHS practices into our businesses. 

  • Provide a framework that supports the continual improvement of the system. 

  • Work collaboratively with employees to achieve EHS objectives at work and home.  

  • Encourage healthy lifestyles and habits both at work and home. 

  • Foster a culture in which all employees, partners, and subcontractors share a commitment to our environment, health, and safety.  

our team

An outstanding reputation.

From the beginning, it’s been our aim to provide businesses with the best possible commercial and industrial real estate solutions paired with undeniably exceptional service. We’re committed to hands-on support for each of our tenants, and our 3PL sibling company, Foster Logistics, provides our clients with additional services.

Our team is proud to be a unique regional provider with an outstanding reputation for service and support.